"The ancient Greeks had two words for time: 

Chronos and Kairos.

 Chronos is chronological time. 

Kairos is a moment of time in which an event of significance happens. 

Chronos is quantitative, 

Kairos is qualitative"

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Heidi Inabinet

Heidi has known an unyielding passion for flowers since receiving her first corsage in eighth grade. While attending college she apprenticed in a number of floral shops, beginning to shape what is an innate creative expression with the medium of flowers.  At 19 she attended floral design school in Virginia, beginning her professional development and continues to attend workshops and advanced classes, staying current with techniques, styles and floral trends.  

She aspires to impart to others her abiding sense of Kairos when designing. It has been said that Kairos is “time at her best”, the aspect of time where we experience a sense of not being BOUND by time.    

She is guided by two fundamental beliefs:

Flowers have the ability to convey sentiment and emotion.

Beauty can be brought into daily life by simply clipping a branch in bloom.

She is inspired by art movements as diverse as surrealism, symbolism and modernism ; as well as all architectural styles.  Heidi is deeply moved by nature, kindness and the love of her family.

She owns On A Limb Floral Studio in Summerville.

When she is not designing wedding flowers you can find her planning the next wedding.  #FlowersCelebrateLife.

Tina Zimmerman

Tina grew up in Tishomingo, Oklahoma, where her parents owned the local carpet and furniture store. After college, Tina met and married her husband Phil. They lived in Dallas until moving to South Carolina in 1999. They have a son and daughter, Dylan and Hanna, as well as Whitney the Wonder dog who keeps them company at home now.

Tina’s company Southern Graces Catering specializes in creating intimate settings and offers event design and month of coordination services.

She loves Summerville for its small town feel and Low Country charm. She is active in the community and the Greater Dorchester Summerville Chamber of Commerce. Previously the Director of Tourism, she now plans all corporate events for the chamber. During her tenure as director of tourism she and working closely with Azalea Magazine, and the campaign “Birthplace of Sweet Tea”® was born.

Tina’s greatest joy outside of serving people is her family and friendships. She recently renovated an Edisto Island beach home that is both a family retreat and an air bnb for guests around from around the world to enjoy. It is her pleasure to share the experience of coastal living in the Deep South.

When not busy entertaining, Tina enjoys baking cookies, sewing and sitting on her porch with a glass of sweet tea.